Gay Marriage in Military


Are you a hot and bothered gay man in the military? Does your secret young private stud want to marry you? Well, unfortunately this is an area that is unresolved as of yet. It does not seem that gay marriage in the military will be approved and made legal anytime soon. So what do you do in the meantime?


You can start by making certain to keep your young stud occupied servicing you as often as possible. Make sure to grab him in the shower whenever no one is around. Soap his young ass up real good, and show him what a good military husband does to his spouse. Promise him that you will stop having the secret meetings with the other sergeants when you all have the gang bang parties with the brand new privates. Of course, you will still be getting this young soldier ass, but your military "wife" will never know that.


Make sure to lavish your little hottie with lots of kisses, but make sure he continues to know that his regular service work on his knees must be performed daily. You can make your own special gay marriage in the military to keep your hot piece of ass happy and submissive; you can continue to tap the rest of the young bucks as well.

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